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Here we explain our various methods of payment

Option 1 - "WISE"

WISE (previously Transferwise) is a secure, guaranteed online payment method offering a superb service from one currency to another. Your first payment is completely free and the rates are those of the day. Watch the You Tube video below for more information. Click on the blue "Transferwise" button alongside the video to access the website directly. Simple and easy to use! You can also use WISE direct into a British bank account

Click to view WISE website

Option 2 - PAYPAL

If you buy online from websites such as eBay and Amazon and have a PAYPAL account, you can use this to pay us, with either your PAYPAL cash balance, or your debit / credit card or your bank. 

Our VERIFIED BUSINESS account email address with PAYPAL is as follows: (For Costablanca Apartments reservation payments) (For Linedance event reservation payments)


A 3.4% fee is deducted by PAYPAL on all incoming payments.

Therefore, you must ADD ON to the amount you are paying this % to cover the deducted fee-

Failure to do so will result in our rejection of your payment or an invoice via PAYPAL being issued to cover the deducted amount

Option 3 - Regular Bank Transfer to our Spanish Account

If you wish to make a simple bank to bank transfer to our Spanish account, please request our Registered Business bank account details with IBAN and SWIFT codes. Please note your bank may well charge a fee to perform this. Please ensure that the amount due to be paid reaches us in full without any fees or charges deducted.

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