Costablanca Apartments - Answering all those frequently asked questions, and more!

Do we own the apartments we rent out?

No! We don´t own any of the apartments shown. Some are individually owned by British, Dutch and Spanish couples / families and some are owned by big organisations that sub let out to smaller agencies like us

Can we explain how the allocation of apartments work (which floor level) etc?

Yes! If you choose an apartment that is a "one off" / "Independently" owned property, this will show on the description its actual floor level within the building. So, for example, if you choose to book Gemelos 22 on the 18th floor, this is precisely the apartment you will be allocated. Its privately owned so we know exactly which floor and tower at that complex it is in.

If you choose to book, for example, Gemelos 22 with 1 bedroom on various floors, this means that these apartments are numerous and come from a "supplier" who has them scattered across the building / complex on various different floors. They are then responsible for slotting in all the bookings like one big jigsaw puzzle. That's why we cannot personally guarantee which floor you will be allocated as we are not in control of that as many other agents also put bookings in too. We can and often do however put in "requests" from our clients for, example, a high floor or a low floor. Generally speaking our requests are often honoured but we cannot in any way guarantee before your arrival. I


f you really absolutely must have a low floor / high floor then its best to book a privately owned apartment where the floor level is shown so that you know precisely what you will be checking into

Is WIFI and satellite TV possible in the apartments?

Some apartments have WIFI and / or satellite  installed. Some have these facilities available for hire. Some apartments, unfortunately, do not yet have these facilities available although we are actively pushing the owners or supplier to arrange this as soon as possible. You will see on each apartment description if this is possible. Benidorm does have many free WIFI spots in hotels, cafes, bars and restaurants. Ask for their access codes.

Swimming pool opening times and rules regarding pool inflatables etc?

If the apartment complex you have booked has a pool, it will have displayed a board showing the opening times, whether or not there is a life guard on duty and the rules regarding inflatables in the water. Generally speaking, the outdoor pools are open seasonally and normally close towards the end of September for the Winter. Some however remain open all year. Pools may sometimes need to close temporarily for emergency maintenance or repairs. Indoor pools tend to remain open all year.


Some complex's remove the cover over their indoor pool if present during the hot winter months. All will be covered for winter. These indoor pools are not always heated. This information will be shown at each. If you are unsure, please ask the porter / manager of your building. Please keep children under control and supervised at all times whilst using the pool, please respect other pool users and please avoid any disregard of the rules shown. Please bring your own pool towels with you.

How does the breakages / key loss deposit work and how do I pay?

All apartments require a deposit to be paid upon arrival against breakages and possible key loss. This is usually either € 150 or £ 150 but will show on your "Confirmation of reservation" email. Please bring euro or pound cash with you. Some of the larger management offices accept a valid credit or debit card. Cash is a lot better. You receive the money back in the same currency with which you paid.

Key loss will result in a charge of at least £ 100 / € 90 due to the costs of calling out a locksmith to change the locks and replace the keys. Please under no circumstances leave your keys hanging in the back of your apartment front door. It is very easy to forget them being there and close the door, leaving you locked out.

Breakages are charged for if deemed as deliberate. Obviously little accidents occur where a glass or a dinner plate may get accidently broken. The deposit is charged if damage is caused to items such as the TV, windows, furniture, fixtures and fitting. Any missing items will be charged for in full. The apartments are checked when the previous guests left and again after cleaning before your arrival. If, however, you notice anything wrong please do either contact us or the contact who dealt with your check in. You will receive your deposit back either the evening before you leave if you are leaving very early the following day or the morning of your departure or if you depart on a Sunday or a bank holiday, via bank transfer a day or two after.

Excessive cleaning can also be deducted from your deposit. Your initial rental fee includes an end clean. This does not include a complete refurbishment or redecoration! Your deposit will be debited a second end clean fee if unacceptable bags of rubbish are left behind, dirty dishes and / or a general mess. Please leave the apartment tidy and in good condition.

Can you explain check in and check out times?

Yes. Firstly, check out times. These are normally between 10:00 and 10:30. This is so cleaners may enter and prepare the apartment ready for the next incoming guests. Secondly, check in times vary between 15:00 and 17:00. This will be confirmed on your "Confirmation of reservation" email.

Flights are very frequent these days and some arrive at Alicante as early as 9:30 in the morning. This means you may well arrive at your resort and apartment before midday. You must be prepared to wait. If guests departed that morning at between 10:00 and 10:30 and if there are many apartments to be cleaned and dealt with at your complex on that same day, it will be impossible for you to arrive that early and take immediate occupancy.

If you are flying home on a late flight out, you must realise that your check out time will still be 10:00 - 10:30 that morning. Again, your apartment, if booked out to new incoming guests, will need to be prepared, as it was for you, for them. If you do have a late flight home and want to keep your apartment on that day to be able to use it, please book the follow on night. Remember, you book "per night" and not "per day". Once we know your arrival and departure times we can advice further.

Can you explain how we collect or receive our keys?

We will confirm with you where and how you will receive your keys. There are various different ways in which we deal with this. For some of our privately owned apartments, the owner or his representative lives out here so he or they will meet you at the complex. Other owners employ a key holder who will again meet you upon arrival. The apartments from a management office / supplier handle their own keys. If you arrive during the day you will collect your keys from their office (we will of course provide their details).


If you arrive at night or on a Sunday / bank holiday, your keys will be left at a nearby Hotel to your apartment, from where you collect them. There are some circumstances where, if we are in your resort the day before your arrival, and your keys are ready, we may collect them for you and meet you at Arrivals to hand them over, when you land from your flight.


Travelling with children / disabled persons / elderly persons - help!

If you are travelling with children. Please remember to bring with you their favourite toys, books, comforter! If you need to hire baby or toddler items, we can provide these for you, delivered to your apartment door and collected before you leave. Baby cots, pushchairs and highchairs are all possible. Spain obviously sells nappies and baby formula / food etc but not necessarily the British product you use! Therefore, we strongly recommend you bring plenty with you. There is a British "Icelands" in Benidorm up near The Benidorm Palace that stocks British branded products.

If you are travelling with anyone disabled and wheelchair bound or with walking limitations or blind etc, please do let us know. We can advise you if your intended chosen apartment is suitable. We can also arrange wheelchairs, mobility scooters, walkers and bathroom accessories for your stay. Guide dogs are welcome at the apartments and are not charged for. Please confirm in writing when making a reservation.

If travelling with elderly relatives or friends, again please do let us know so we can make sure your chosen / intended apartment is suitable.

When travelling with children, disabled people or the elderly, please consider booking flights to arrive and depart at sensible times.

Behaviour at apartments and whilst in your resort!

Unruly behaviour at any apartment complex will not be tolerated and you may be asked to leave immediately. Please respect all other holidaymakers and behave sensibly and with respect and consideration to all. Remember, there are many people also on holiday too who want to enjoy themselves as much as you do and don't want their time spoiled by bad, loud, unruly behaviour from others.

If you see or hear other guests behaving in an unacceptable fashion at your complex please report this to either the staff onsite or to us by phone. Please don't worry, this very rarely happens.

Most buildings have porters on duty who take care of the property and keep a safe eye out on everyone. Any unacceptable behaviour will be challenged and if necessary reported.  When in town, out and about, please be careful with money and valuables. Benidorm, like any tourist resort in the world, has its occasional problems with pick pockets. Be careful and be vigilant at all times. Do not leave bags, mobile phones, laptops, ipads etc unattended. Take out with you only what you need that day. Leave passports and excess money and jewellery at your apartment. However, please do not let this paragraph worry you. We are literally only pointing out that like anywhere in the world things can happen and unfortunately there are those type of people around who will try and take advantage of you wherever you are. When you leave your apartment to go out, do as you would at home - lock up! Close windows and lock patio and front doors. Some people amazingly enough leave everything wide open - don´t! Switch the TV and air conditioning (if fitted) off but maybe leave one light on.

Please enjoy your holiday but behave yourself and stay vigilant at all times please!

Smoking rules

Smoking is not permitted inside any of the apartments offered. However, if your apartment has an open balcony you may smoke here. As with the rest of the EU now, smoking in public places in Spain, inside, is now completed banned. You cannot smoke inside any bar, café, restaurant or Hotel.

Are the photos & videos on this website genuine?

Absolutely 100% yes! We made the videos ourselves, over the last few years. They are all "homemade" videos of the apartments!

The photos shown on each apartments "slideshow" are also genuine and real. What you see is how it is. We do not use any photos from the internet where resorts or complex´s have been enhanced or altered. We show you how it is!  95% of all the photos shown were taken by us ourselves. The other 5% we have from the owner / supplier of the apartment.

Are any starter packs or toiletries provided?

Unfortunately no. If previous guests bought and left behind any items such as toilet rolls or washing up liquid, this will be left for your use. Any type of food item left by previous guests is removed. You will need to stock up when you arrive or bring your favourite bathroom items with you

Travel Insurance - do I really need to bother with it?

Absolutely yes! Make sure you take out good adequate Insurance to cover your flight, your personal belongings, your payments and your health. If anything untoward happens whilst you are away and you need medical attention you will need Insurance. If before you travel something happens which means you cannot take your holiday (maybe a loss of income or health issue) then you need Insurance to claim back losses.


Make sure you declare any pre existing health issues you have to make sure the cover you get and pay for is suitable for your age and health condition. Make sure if your are travelling with expensive items such as an iPad or laptop they are also covered for loss or damage whilst away from home. Insurance companies have many conditions in their small print and clients often get caught out and end up with no pay out. Do not travel without insurance just to save a few pounds initially, its not worth it.

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